Railo and Mura installers in WebsitePanel 2.0

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I am currently beta testing the latest WebsitePanel 2.0 release, which has a some great new features thanks to Helicon who have contributed support for their ZOO engine. Helicon ZOO is what I currently use to provide Railo hosting over on cfmldeveloper.
Below are some videos showing the new features, which as you can see make installing Railo and Mura a synch.
The new features will be available on CFMLDEVELOPER when the Beta is released and when our host BlueThunder do the upgrade.

Railo installer

Easily install Railo on your server via WebsitePanel.

Railo Project Template

Enable Railo on your website by installing a template project and enabling the Helicon Zoo module.

Mura Installer

Easily install Mura on your site via Microsoft Gallery installer.

3 responses to “Railo and Mura installers in WebsitePanel 2.0”

  1. Jude Says:
    This is awesome.
  2. Jason Says:
    Hi there.
    Thanks for this great tutorial.
    I ran into an error.
    It says: Railo 3: dependency failed
    Can I email you the full log for your advice?
  3. Russ Michaels Says:
    Railo requires JAVA, so you should check that is installing properly as that is likely the dependency it is referring to.
    I would suggest contacting helicon for any support with this or try the websitepanel forums.

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