HELM to WHMCS client migration tool

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Here is a little tool I knocked up recently for migrating customers from the HELM 3 hosting control panel over to the WHMCS billing system. If you have a lot of clients to migrate this will save you a lot of time manually entering the data.
It runs on Railo, which is the only requirement. It only migrates client data, not the actual websites or packages etc. If you interested in getting a copy of this then please contact me, I can custom features if required.

Features include:-

  • Field mapping
    Map your HELM fields to WHMCS fields, including custom fields
    Store as JSON for future use
  • Selective user migration
    migrate as many resellers or users as you like, just click to toggle add/remove from the list.
    toggle all users/resellers
  • User filtering
    filter active, suspended, cancelled users
  • User search
    find specific users by name, email, company, user id
  • Reporting
    Tells you which users failed and which succeeded
  • Export results as excel spreadsheet
  • Optionally send WHMCS welcome email
  • Optionally send your own custom email template
  • Enable/Disable data validation
  • Enable/Disable SMS using SMS Addon from WHMCS Now
  • Assign clients to client groups


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  1. whmcsexperts Says:
    Superb, The whmcs is extraordinary for customer administration and billing source for online business.

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